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Welkom bij Mind Body Flow Coaching

My name is Petra, coach and I'm CEO
of Mind Body Flow Coaching.

Nice to meet you!

When I was asked 6 years ago "what do you want to do with the rest of your career from now on?" I was anything but eager to do so.

This question affected me deeply, because I had never really considered this question in my life before. And suddenly it was time to face "the fear of not knowing.

I worried about my added value if I were to do something completely different. And I felt sadness and regret over the past 20 years for allowing myself to be led by others, without asking myself what I really want. And that created resistance. Because I had to start all over again.

I thought...

Wake up Call

Often you need a low point in your life to wake up and realize that things can be different.

I took control of my career from that point on. Through self-insight, self-discovery and reflection. But also taking control of my own thoughts and self-confidence.

Meanwhile, I have supported more than 200 self-aware IT engineers in this process.
The time when you let others determine how you should live your life is over.

You are always one decision
away from a totally different life.
And the time to choose is NOW!

Future Proof: The most comprehensive life coaching program for self-aware IT engineers.

As a self-aware IT engineer, with the right technical and personal skills, your impact knows no limits.

🌱 With this track I let you experience the power of self-awareness and having the dot on the horizon;
🌱 Experience what it is like to shape your career and be guided by your own choices;
🌱 Increase your self-confidence and learn to understand yourself better;
🌱 Change your behavior sustainably and naturally.

Everything that I share with you is based on:

✔️ Numerous years of experience in the dynamic IT sector: My career in IT has introduced me to various aspects of this rapidly evolving industry over many years, giving me in-depth knowledge and insights.

✔️ Coaching over 200 IT Engineers: As an experienced coach, I have had the pleasure of guiding and supporting more than 200 IT engineers in their professional growth and development both in teams and individually.

✔️ Structured training in professional coaching: My expertise has been enhanced by a post-graduate training in professional coaching and team coaching, supplemented by various specialized courses.

Petra personally

I really enjoy walking in the woods with my dog Clipper. I like to read inspirational books under the porch in the garden; preferably 3 at a time 😉 And I love inspirational quotes.

I prefer to take a short sabbatical with the family every 6 weeks. Lovely holidays with the caravan, winter sports or playing games at home.
This gives me the chance to step back, shift my focus and reflect on whether I am still following the right path; my path.

I also ride horses every week. I dream of having my own horse, which I promised myself when I turn 50.