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Meest uitgebreide life en loopbaan coachtraject

Especially in the IT sector, a world of unprecedented innovation and opportunity, it is important to define your own life & career.

You've been working successfully for a while, meeting most expectations and scoring well on your reviews every year. But somewhere it gnaws at you.
You long for more impact, more satisfaction in your work. You want to do what you are really good at and what makes you happy.

You have already taken steps, but you are stuck in the old and familiar. You need a broader view, different perspectives, a different way of looking at things. From someone who understands you but is not close to you.

It is possible.

I help you boost your self-confidence so that you depend less on external appreciation, and become fully 'in control' within your expanded boundaries. I help you look at your challenges differently, we look for solutions and innovative ideas.


By discovering what you really want to achieve in your career. By broadening your perspective and identifying what energises you. By giving space to your dreams and ambitions.

Are you ready to take that next step?

Stop letting the chaos of this changing world and the expectations of others define who you are and where you are going.

You have a desire to continuously grow and challenge yourself. You refuse to be constrained by your own limiting thoughts any longer. You know that certain behavior is slowing down your growth and hindering your opportunities. What got you here no longer brings you forward and now it feels like you are stuck.

It is not about finding yourself or rediscovering who you were. What it is about, is understanding and embracing your true self.

My focus is on awareness, acceptance and developing your capabilities, rather than changing your essential self. Because you are already valuable as you are. A few small adjustments here and there will not only make you more effective, happy and impactful, but also enables you to make the most of your talents and capabilities.

You start trusting yourself to make the right choices because you are more confident. You become more visible in a way that suits you completely. You map out a career path completely in line with your own expectations and not "as it is supposed to be."

So don't let your own thoughts hinder you from exploring your life and career off the beaten track. Leveraging your inner drive and unique talents creates significantly more value and impact, both for you personally and for the organisation you are part of.

Hi, my name is Petra coach & owner
of Mind Body Flow coaching.

When I entered the job market 20 years ago, I had no idea what I wanted to be later when I grow up. I was guided by expectations from those around me, well-meaning advice from my managers and opportunities that came along. I have been told many times that I have so much to offer, but I must show it.

I started challenging, pushing and forcing myself to meet the ideal image. That has given me a lot, but also cost me a lot.

In 2017, that changed and I consciously started looking for my place in the world.

What makes me happy?

What's fitting for me?

And what am I incredibly good at?

Despite the fact that this change did not come at the right time, as a mother of 2 small children and a 'must' because my position had been eliminated after my maternity leave, I am still grateful for it every day.

If you wait for the ideal moment, you can wait a long time.

I started exploring what was hidden under a whole layer of limiting stories, expectations from my environment and my own fears. I started listening to my desires and dreams. I discovered what makes me unique and what really makes me happy. And that is helping IT engineers to profile themselves effectively without losing their own identity.

And that does demand that you change and let go of what is no longer helpful. We so often tell ourselves stories that are not true, that keep us feeling small. We make excuses not to change, for fear of the unknown.

Are you done with that too? Then check out my offer above. Most of them are still in Dutch. Let me know when you're interested by sending me an email. I'll see what I can do for you translation wise.

I belief in quality and professionalism. That is why I am a certified professional coach and team coach. I am a NOBCO member and have quarterly peer review to keep learning so I can continue to perform at my best and discover my blind spots. I also have coaching for myself to untangle my own stories and excuses and take action.

Now I work from my strength and from deep-seated confidence. I live a life that energises me and delivers results. At my own pace, but always moving from inspiration and growth.

Future Proof Guidance

Answers to practical questions you might still have.

What will you get in the Future Proof course?

You get access to Mind Body Flow Academy with online masterclasses, inspiration and information that you follow where and when it suits you. Including audios that support you in doing your exercises and assignments. Every 3 weeks we have 1-on-1 coaching (online or physical) in which we have in-depth exercises and conversations. There are 6 coach sessions of 90 minutes each included in this program.

When does the course start?

The start date is when we mutually agree to start this process and the invoice is payed..

What will be the investment of the Future Proof course?

The investment for the course is €1,250, - excluding VAT.

How long will the process take?

During the course, you will be supervised intensively for 5 months. After that, you will keep access to the academy and all the material for another 3 years.

I want this, but I think it's a lot of money

That's true, it certainly is. But it's not just about this journey, it's about your wholehearted commitment to grow and develop. It starts here, with the decision to truly give yourself what you deserve.

This is the beginning of a journey beyond the ordinary, and I stand ready to support you every step of the way with my expert guidance. Your commitment to this process and the valuable coaching I offer are at the heart of this investment in yourself. Together, we will pave the way to a course that is clearly established, so that you lead a life full of fulfillment, guided by your own dreams and desires.

Many companies have a training budget or personal development budget for their employees from which coaching can be reimbursed.
The cost of coaching is sometimes deductible for self-employed people under certain conditions.

Am I going to get results from this course?

You will have unlimited access to the Mind Body Flow Academy with all master classes, inspiration and information. In addition, you will get 6 sessions of 1-on-1 coaching personally from me, where we will also take the results of your exercises for in-depth analysis and insights.

But, I also need your commitment. Without your 100% commitment to this course, you can get far fewer results out of it than what this course is designed for. So it starts with your commitment to take this journey together. If you can feel that, then I coach you with all my knowledge and expertise to the best results.

How long will I have access to this track?

You will have access to the Academy and all materials for another 3 years after the intensive coaching..

Isn't it better to discuss my personal growth with my manager?

Beide benaderingen hebben hun voordelen. Ik bied objectiviteit, gelijkwaardigheid, neutrale ondersteuning en expertise met mijn coaching. Dat zorgt voor vertrouwelijkheid en een breder perspectief. Ook omdat ik geen ‘persoonlijk gewin/ aandeel’ heb in jouw persoonlijke groei.

Aan de andere kant begrijpt een manager de organisatiecontext vaak beter en biedt directe betrokkenheid.
Het is vaak ideaal om een combinatie te overwegen, waarbij ik kan helpen bij persoonlijke ontdekking en doelen, terwijl je met je manager dit in de professionele context kan integreren en kan sparren over mogelijkheden op het gebied van jobcrafting, side projects en trainingen. Het hangt af van jouw behoeften en de best passende aanpak voor jouw groei.


Signing up for the course?

I very much look forward to welcoming you to this journey..

Give space to your goals ambitions and push your boundaries.